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Saturday, November 21, 2009

What's To Come #7

Before we continue to read What's To Come #7, we encourage you to check out What's To Come #6, which includes the announcement on most of 2010's upcoming series. With most of the information revealed last time around, What's To Come #7 will showcase many pictures of some of the series we previously announced.

There has been a lot of concern on the VinylNation forum about Disneyland receiving the Walt Disney World holiday event "exclusives" and many members did not think it was fair that Walt Disney World would not be receiving Disneyland's Ticket Booklet series and Disneyland Posters. We can now confirm that Walt Disney World will receive these two series and the current plans are to offer all series at both resorts. Great news for everybody! However, the I Love NY figure will remain exclusive to WDW and New York's World of Disney store because of a licensing agreement with New York State Tourism.

Speaking of the 9" I Love NY figure. December 31st will be the very last day to purchase this figure. Disney's contract with New York State Tourism ends on this day and all products featuring the "I Love NY" slogan will be removed and no longer be available for purchase.

A few other random notes:

- A dinosaur series is planned, but not many details yet.
- They still have not decided which Passholder Exclusive to release first. Pirates of the Caribbean Parrot will be the third release, but they still need to decide if Mr. Toad or Florida Orange Bird will be the first.
- Mike Sullivan is the artist responsible for all the designs in the Star Wars series. Mike designed Mickey Cartoon from Urban Series #2.
- Chip & Dale and Pluto are in the works for an upcoming series.

Picture time...

Big Eyes Series

- Expected to arrive in March 2010.

"Create Your Own" Colored Blanks

- Arriving in December for Disneyland Resort and January for Walt Disney World Resort.
- News colors will be introduced from time to time. It is even possible there will be a Glow-In-The-Dark.

Oh, Mickey!

- The first releases in the Vinylmation Jr. line. But what all makes Vinylmation Jr. different than regular Vinylmations? It is more than you may think. Stay tuned.

Park Series #4

- Scheduled for March 2010.

Sports Series

Urban Series #4

WALL-E set

- Still expected to arrive in February.
- Limited Edition 500
- Expected to cost $24.95
- More double packs are currently in the works.

Marathon Figures

- The figure has an area for participants to write either their number or their finishing time.
- The 3 figures will be available to participants only.

Castaway Club

- Expected in early Spring.
- Exclusive to Castaway Club Members.

Various pictures from the Artist Signing

Steven Miller passed around a yellow 9" blank for everyone to sign.
They said they would like to start doing this at all the Vinylmation events.

Steven also led the trading activity where guests traded in their 3" figure, picked a number, and got to keep the figure behind the door they chose.

Quynh Kimball and his One-of-a-Kind Dark Chocolate Mouse

See if you can spot the Hidden Mickey that Quynh hid on the plate.

Maria Clapsis

Lisa Badeen

Randy Noble

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Park Series #3 Chaser Revealed

The moment is finally here. Introducing Park Series #3's chaser...

"it's a small world"
Lisa Badeen

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

9" I Love New York Release

BREAKING NEWS: We have just received word that the 9" I Love New York Vinylmation should be available at Friday's Artist Signing. It arrived on Walt Disney World property today.

I Love NY
Chad Miller
LE 450
November 20, 2009