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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trade City, USA Recap

Welcome to Trade City, USA

Jumping right into the Vinylmation Showcase, which featured a preview of upcoming Vinylmation figures and products...

We have the Vinylmation Flag series. This series will feature 12 window boxed figures. You'll notice all 11 World Showcase flags are featured, PLUS Brazil. Scheduled for release in early 2011.

Park #5 3" figures are scheduled to release in October, while the 9"
will be spaced out through October, November and December.

Park #5's Tree of Life 9" figure was shown for the very first time.

As was Park #5's Dreamfinder and Tuxedo Figment.

Park Series #5 will also have a very retro 9" Magic Kingdom tribute.

As well as the 9"/3" Mad Hatter and Dormouse, which will be an online exclusive.

Sorcerer Mickey will be the next 3" figure in the Combo Packs attached to a series.
The last one was Plane Crazy with Park #4, and you can expect to see Tuxedo Mickey and Runaway Brain Mickey with future releases.

As many on the forums predicted, the 3" Anubis from the
Great Movie Ride has an add-on gem on his chest (by Maria Clapsis).

The 9" Disneyland Posters will be released exclusively at Disneyland. They are LE 555 and will be released two at first, then another two, and then the final one; they will not be released at the same time. You can expect these to be released around December.

For those wondering, the poster artwork wraps all the way
around the body and is not confined to only the font of the 9" figure.

The 9" Fronteirland poster.

Finally, the 9" Monorail Poster. The Tomorrowland Poster was not available for display.

Expect to see Vinylmation Mickey ears packaged inside of a special box which includes...

...a 3" figure, which helps complete the set.
The ears, 3" figure and hatbox package is expected to retail around $60.

These sparkling figures will be available in several colors.
No release date has been announced.

A few new watches will be available shortly. Shown here is one of the plastic watches, but there will also be a more expensive dress watch with a metal band
and a sports watch with a leather band.

Three dimensional magnets will be released featuring some of the great early Park Series designs...

...as well as pins, which will be exactly the same as the magnets except with a metal backing.

This figure will be part of the 9"/3" set for Urban Series #5.

Also, a 9" Slimed figured.

We were told that this Urban #5 9" figure would glow in the dark.

Another series #5 9" figure.

And finally, a 9"/3" set of a 9" Racecar with...

...a 3" Racecar Driver.

Urban Series #5 3" figures.

Cuppa Tea by Quynh Kimball

Blue Lava Lamp by Adrianna Draude

The 2011 Marathon figures.

The window boxed Nightmare Before Christmas series will be released September 10th.
The 9" Glow-in-the-Dark Oogie Boogie and 9"/3" Santa Jack and Elf
set is also expected to go on sale the same day.

The Pumpkin King was originally the plan for the Chaser in this
series when it was still planned to be a blindboxed series.

Star Wars Series #1 is nearing completion and 11 of the figures were on display.

The next Annual Passholder exclusive is the 3" Orange Bird...

...and Disney Vacation Club Members will also have their own exclusive 3". Scheduled for release in October 2010.

Admiral Donald Duck will be released on the maiden voyage of the Disney Dream. Admiral Donald will be featured as the statue in the atrium of the new ship, so in this combo set (similar to WALL-E/EVE set) you will receive the bronze statue version and the full color version. You will also receive a mystery 1.5" Junior. Also planned for the new ship is a 9" figure that will match the style of the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder 9" figures.

To help usher in the new year, there will be several 2011 themed 3" figures.

A few new figures will be released for Walt Disney World's 40th Anniversary.
There will also be a variant of the yellow '71 and Classic D logo figures that you can only obtain by trading with a Cast Member.

The Cast Member variants.

Eyeball and Gopher from Holiday Series #2 which will be released in November 2010. The 9" figures will be released throughout the year to coincide with their respective holidays.

Love Is Blind Cupid by Quynh Kimball

The 9"/3" Snowman set will be an Online Exclusive.

The 9" Toy Story figures will be released mid to late September.

Adrianna Draude's Tiki Custom which was being auction off at the event.

And Chris Chapman's Steampunk Custom which was also being auctioned.

For decoration only. There was not a life sized Mickey at the event.

From Urban Series #6 is the Zipper and...

...the Green Thumb!

Disneyland Paris' version of Space Mountain will be featured as a 3" in Park Series #6.

This lucky guest purchased the 1,000,000th Vinylmation figure.
He was given two paint buckets filled with a variety of new and rare Vinylmation figures.

Several of the artists joined guests at the Creation Station to offer valuable tips.

The Vinylmation Conversation was the main event of the day
and was led by Project Manager, Steven Miller.

Vinylmation Occupations has been a popular request, and it will be arriving in early 2011. Fireman, Teacher, etc. Each 3" figure will include one random 1.5" Junior.

Vinylmation Celebrations will help you celebrate important events. Graduation, Birthdays, New Baby, etc. Like the Occupations, each 3" figure will be packed with one random 1.5" Junior.

Announcement of an Astrology series. Each figure will be released in a window box. Lisa Badeen and Maria Clapsis designed the figures and they are to be released in 2011.

Sea Creatures will be a brand new series that will
compliment the recently released Animal Kingdom series.

Nerds Rock! series will feature Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Donald, Goofy, Daisy, Chip and Dale as nerds complete with pocket protectors, taped glasses and braces.

A teaser of Park Series #6. Do you recognize any characters, rides or attractions?

A teaser of Urban Series #6.

Cutesters Too will be designed by Maria Clapsis. A release date has been announced.

A sampling of Cutester Too

Muppet Series #2 will be release in Spring 2011. 9" figures will be included this time around.

After Orange Bird, the next Annual Passholder Exclusive will be the Silly Symphony Swings.

The DVC Member Exclusive is announced.

And the Steampunk Series is officially title Steam Park.

A sushi set will be released in 2011.

A couple Tron figures will be released in December 2010.

What was originally expected to be a series of 12 blind boxed figures, is now eight to ten sets of two (similar to WALL-E/Eve). They will all be part of the Disney Afternoon Series, but each set of two will be released one at a time.

Even the Black Hole has a few designs.

Next year's big Disney Trading event is called The Florida Project
and will center around the 40th Anniversary.

The variants that you must trade with a Cast Member to obtain.
They are to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Walt Disney World.

Donald Ferro, Product Developer helped take questions on the future of Vinylmation.

After the Q&A, the BIG announcement was made. Animation Series #1 is on the way! The series will feature some of your favorite popular characters, as well as some of the more obscure characters from Disney classics.

Fairy God Mother will have a magic wand, while Mushu even has an add-on tail.

The artist signing took place shortly after the Vinylmation Conversation.

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