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Friday, July 1, 2011

New Star Wars Vinyls

VinylNation forum member Phylers attended the Pirates of the Caribbean release today at Walt Disney World's D-Street and was able to collect the following information regarding future Star Wars releases and Park #7. He had the following to say:

- Star Wars Series 2 is planned for release next year, but they don't want to say it will be in time for Celebration VI just in case they run into any delays. As it is, the time frame is very tight, but they're confident that they'll be able to do things quicker now that the VM team and the Lucasfilm people have done it once before.

- Star Wars Series 1 is returning in the late-Summer/early-Fall. It was planned to be around for a year like the Holiday series, and all of the production numbers have not been changed. They've stuck to the original production schedule, but the demand has far outstripped their numbers.

- In addition to Star Wars Series 2, there will be an open-edition, window-box series of Star Wars vinyls released, and they are more confident that those will be available in time for Celebration VI. The time frame is roughly Summer of 2012.

- Rex, the droid from the original Star Tours, is not in any of the Star Wars series sets. However, Donald Ferro (Vinylmation's Project Developer) told us that we'll be very pleased around the time of the Florida Project.

Stay tuned!

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