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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vinylmation All Around Revisited!

Inspired by the old Vinylmation All Around thread in the VinylNation Forums, forum member Silvered sent in this report from the Orange County History Center's Galactic Encounter Day:

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Orange County History Center, local garrisons of the 501st Legion were invited to come take over the museum for the day. Of course, being the Star Wars fans that we are, Phylers and I decided to check it out.

I think the strength of the Dark Side in the museum threw off the focus in some of these.


Stormtroopers have invaded Orlando. Again. They apparently do this often.


I think we need some more security down there.


Uh oh.... (Allotes, this is for you!)


So, the Empire is annexing Orlando you say?

The Stormtroopers escorted their leaders into the air-conditioning of the History Center. I stayed outside to wait for Phylers, and while I was waiting, I discovered that someone had hitched-hiked his way into my purse.


While we waited, he decided to roam around.


First, he contemplated the fountain and wondered if he could go in. I reminded him that Darth Vader and the Emperor probably wouldn't think too highly of a wet Stormtrooper so he wandered on...


...and tried making a new friend. Sometimes, you just can't trust those Gator fans.


Inside the History Center, there were some dioramas set up, like this one. Stormtrooper enjoyed seeing the droids being pulled apart. Ah, memories.


This one just confused all of us. Stormtrooper kept asking how Han Solo could be both middle-aged and stuck in carbonite. We didn't have the heart to tell him.


Instead, we took Stormtrooper to get some pictures taken with his idols.


And then some of his fellow Stormtroopers!


Uh oh! Sorry sir, we didn't realize you didn't want your picture taken...


Oh. You just wanted to be in the picture. Okay; smile! ... Or not.


Oh, a group photo? We can do that too!


Stormtrooper even got a trading card from one of his new friends!

All in all it was a fun day and Stormtrooper had fun on his adventure. Let's hope he doesn't give the other vinyls any ideas....

Bonus: Ever wondered how they hydrate with those masks on?


For bonus pictures from Silvered's adventure, be sure to check out the VinylNation Forum via the link below!

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