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Friday, August 12, 2011

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We'll see you at the new location!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

D23 Expo 3" Releases

Only ten days until the 2011 D23 Expo in Anaheim, California where The Lion King series, "it's a small world" Vinylmation Jr. series, and commemorative D23 Vinylmation releases will make their debut. Here is a look at two of the D23 3" releases:

This LE 4,000 figure will retail for $13.95.

Gladstone Gander was designed by Thomas Scott and is based on a character that debuted in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories No. 88 in January 1948. The figure is LE 1,200 and will retail for $13.95.

These are just two of the special D23 Expo 2011 releases. Stay tuned in the coming days for a look at the other figures that will be released at this year's event.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Release at D23 Expo - Disney Store 25th Anniversary Vinyl/Pin Combo

Great news for those attending the D23 Expo - Disney today announced another new figure launch set for attendees!



Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of Disney Stores, this limited edition vinyl/pin set was designed by Jim Valeri and will be limited to 2500 pieces. 500 pieces will be available for purchase at the D23 Expo, and the remaining 2000 will be available for purchase via DisneyStore.com and will be sold only to D23 members.

Lion King Series REVEALED!

Disney has revealed the highly anticipated The Lion King series, set to release exclusively to Disney Stores on August 29, 2011, plus an early sneak-peek release at the D23 Expo on August 21st.

So mark your calendars for August 29th and stay tuned to VinylNation.net for more Lion King Series information!

Release Dates for Cars two-pack, Animation 1 9'' Genie, and DLR 9'' Monorail poster - August 26, 2011

Disney has announced the following Vinylmation release dates:


The Cars two-pack will be released August 26 at D-Street locations in California and Florida, and it will also be available on September 2 via the Disney Parks Online Store. The set is open edition.


The final 9'' from the Disneyland 55th Anniversary poster series, the Monorail 9'' will be released only at the D-Street in California on August 26. It is limited to 550 pieces and retails for $44.95.


The 9'' Genie from Animation Series #1 will also be released on August 26 via the Disney Parks Online Store. He is limited to 1,000 pieces and will also retail for $44.95.

Mark those calendars, and be sure to stay tuned to VinylNation!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Kitchen Kabaret set

Today Disney released an image that shows various food related Vinylmation figures. Hidden amongst the figures that have been released are several from the upcoming Kitchen Kabaret set.

UPDATED 8/8/11: "Z" / Mystery Phone Number

In order to keep the findings in order, updates will appear at the bottom of the post.

On August 1, 2011, Disney posted the following image with the caption:

"We love the figure pictured above. And Lisa had nothing to do with the telephone number as we've seen it before."
The phone number is 407-390-5594. It also appears on the telephone/"Assistant" from the Occupations series. Note the 'Z' on the paper, it will be important later on.

On August 1st, if you called the number you would hear a series of numbers; 28.418723-81.583849. It didn't take long to discover that they were coordinates. Coordinates which point to the Country Bear Jamboree in Magic Kingdom.

On August 3rd, if you called the number you would hear a NEW series of numbers; 22.313776114.038853. The full recording says:

"Write. This. Down."









If you plug this number into Google Maps as coordinates you will see what looks to be a backstage building in Hong Kong.

Vinylmation artist Maria Clapsis is also in on the mystery of the 'Z'. Or is she?

And that is as much as we currently know. Stay tuned as this post will be updated as we learn more about the Mystery Phone Number and Letter Z.

Updated 8/4/11:

On August 4, Disney posted the following:

35.634565, 139.880955
35.634565, 139.880955
35.634565, 139.880955
35.634565, 139.880955
35.634565, 139.880955
35.634565, 139.880955
35.634565, 139.880955
35.634565, 139.880955
35.634565, 139.880955
35.634565, 139.880955
35.634565, 139.880955

Once again, we plugged the coordinates in and found that it led to Pirates of the Caribbean in Tokyo Disneyland.

As of this posting, there has been no update when you call the telephone number.

Updated 8/8/11:

Several big updates to the mystery. On Thursday, if you called the 407 number you would be given the coordinates that would lead you to the Phantom Manor attraction in Disneyland Paris.

Then, Disney released the following pictures. You'll notice a few hidden Zs in the picture, as well as new coordinates that link to Blizzard Beach in Walt Disney World.

Finally, if you called the 407 on Friday the coordinates pointed you to Mission Space.

And most recently, Disney released the following image captioned "Project Z":

What is the significance of the figures in this picture? Why are we being pointed to various attractions from around the globe? Any particular theories?

And is anyone familiar with the Greek numeral value of 'Z'... and could that number be what this particular usage of 'Z' is referencing?

Updated 3:30pm 8/8/11:

Later in the day, Disney posted 40.749582, -73.848381, which leads to the site of the 1964 New York World's Fair.

A 'Z' has also been hidden in an image of food related Vinylmation figures.

Finally, the 407 number now appears to be some sort of Vinylmation hot-line. Today they announced that the Vinylmation Cars set of Lightning McQueen and Mater will be released on August 26th.

Epcot International Food and Wine Festival Figure Announced

In other new Vinylmation news, today we were shown the first Vinylmation figure that will be released as part of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival!




New Urban Preview

Intrepid readers may have spotted this design in a teaser image from The Project Z mystery, but today the Vinylmation Blog gave us a more hip preview of an upcoming Urban design:


We're torn - we'd love to say we really dig Thomas Scott's hep cat jazz poet, but how could we resist the other inclination? "Viva la résistance! Viva la Vinylmation!"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vinylmation: The Lion King - Release at Disney Stores August 29, 2011

At the end of June, Disney announced a new limited release mystery series based on Disney's The Lion King to be released at Disney Stores on Monday, August 29, 2011.

Today, we were given a first look at the actual figure of Mufasa:


UPDATED 8/6/11: Disney Vinylmation's Spooky Series 1 Announced - Release August 22, 2011

Disney has announced a new limited release two-figure set:




This new two figure, limited release Spooky Series set will be released in Disney Stores on August 22, 2011. It will retail at $26.95.

UPDATED 8/6/11